Moristech P30 PDM

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This solid-state 30ch Power Distribution Module is a state of the art fuse-less system that distributes
8 20amp and 22 8amp outputs.

Comes with :
-Connector Kit w/ terminals
-Mounting hardware
-Power lug and cover
-controlled from your ECU a switch panel or and or a CAN keypad.

*Onboard CAN BUS system communicates with 15,12, and 8 button Greyhill Keypads.

*To activate the use of the CAN based Keypads please add "Add Keypad" with purchase. This will register the P30 PDM and unlock the keypad feature.

*Keypad Option is for our Greyhill 12 button keypad. You may also use 8 and 15 button Racegrade pads. Label kits are extra.

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All additional P30 information found here.