Moristech P30 PDM

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Features:14 high side output channels. 6 x 22 Amp and 8 x 10 Amp continuous outputs.

120 Amp maximum total current recommended.

10 Switch Inputs.

*Onboard CAN BUS system communicates with 15,12, and 8-button Greyhill Keypads and aftermarket ecus for modern control strategies.

The recommended keypad is the  8 or 15-button Racegrade keypad with labels. 

Programmable functions include True, False, AND, OR, Flash, Pulse Train, PWM ramp, Toggle, and Set/Reset to control such things as turning indicators, hazards, and emergency lights.

2 x PWM capable outputs (1 x 22 Amp and 1 x 10 Amp)

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