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The Most Powerful ECU In The LINK G4+ Family All the whiz-bang and all the motorsport features including Anti-lag and Traction Control.



  • 16 x Digital inputs
  • 4 x Temperature inputs
  • 16 x Analog inputs
  • 2 x Trigger inputs
  • 2 x Knock inputs


  • 8 x Injection drives
  • 8 x Ignition drivers
  • 18 x Auxiliary outputs
  • +5V Sensor power supply
  • +8V Sensor power supply


  • 2 x Thirty-four pin, waterproof connectors
  • 2 x Twenty-eight pin, waterproof connectors
  • 2 x CAN bus
  • 1x Serial (RS232) connection
  • 1x USB tuning connection


  • 0 x 3 Axis Accelerometer – Lateral G (cornering),
  • Longitudinal G (acceleration/braking), Vertical G.
  • 2 x K-type Onboard Thermocouple Inputs meaning
  • high accuracy for high-temperature situations e.g. exhaust gas temperature sensing.
  • 2 x Digital Wideband Onboard 2 x E-throttle Controllers – for engines that have two
  • electronic throttle bodies.
  • 2 x Knock Control Inputs – monitor each bank on a V engine.
  • 16 x Digital Inputs – six can be differential reluctor (speed sensor) – ABS wheel speed sensors
  • 16 x Analogue Inputs – Temperature, Pressure, Position.
  • 18 x Auxiliary Outputs – Lights, solenoids, gauges, switches, relays etc.
  • Plus all other G4+ features including all Motorsport, Logging and CAN features, Peak and Hold and Digital Wideband.
  • Please Contact me If you have any further questions

All Link ECUs (Engine Control Units) are 100% New Zealand designed and developed. LINK also offers a limited lifetime warranty so if your ECU breaks in the normal course of its designed use then LINK will repair or replace, no questions asked.

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